After one year of research, meetings and great initiatives, Sammi Export presents its new collection of footwear accessories characterized by an elegant balance of technique, innovation, design and functionality. The collection is the result of the collaboration with the historical Milanese company Bertone Design, that at the same time dealt with the creation of all the new corporate image.

Characterized by a balance of technique, innovation and functionality, pushed by a constant search of beauty, the collection is rich of high-performance solutions that guarantee the fluidity to the shoelaces also thanks to the use of low-friction materials. The use of plastic inserts where the zamac hooks slip, also makes it possible to combine excellent levels of fluidity with a union of lightness and aesthetic of the bicolor material used.

The use of particular solutions and technicalities like the ball pulley for the fluidity and the locking of the laces is a further element that made the last Sammi Export output a collection able to amaze once again. All the new accessories line has been carefully studied in terms of ergonomics to lighten as much as possible their weight without prejudice the functionality and the performance at all.

This and much more was presented during XXL FUTURE, a series of show-events which took place on days 20th to 22nd September at Linea Pelle. Last, but not least a limited edition: hooks designed for kids, made to play and to have fun also wearing high-tech footwear. A collection inspired by animals, children’s fellow traveler and players whose learn to grow up using products for adults designed for them.

Both Bertone Design and we all at Sammi Export are excited of this collaboration, that led to the birth of a one-of-a-kind collection, connecting the creativity of a great industrial design brand to the quality expressed by our company, leader in footwear accessories.