The friendship that binds the manager Andrea Spinelli from Sammi Export with the architect Aldo Cingolani Ceo of Bertone Design, historical Milanese company born almost a century ago in the automotive sector and nowadays specialized in the industrial design, is the key ingredient that has spawned the project “Sammi Export ft Bertone Design”.

That’s how this two companies, starting from a solid basis of common values, inspired by the same philosophy and the same desire to reach the highest standard of quality, began collaborating with the goal of achieving a new collection of design objects, made to work and last, made of innovative materials designed to ensure over time their quality without compromise.

In the overall project, the Milanese company has been instructed also to create the new corporate image of Sammi Export, from the new logo to the web site, and then move on to the catalogue until the video production, everything accompanied by a constant search of beauty.