Sammi Export work in a territory rich of history, of culture and of beauty: this leads the company to have a deep respect for the environment.

With the completing of training of the environment certification ISO 14001:2004, begun on 2016 and finished with the overcoming, on 31 May 2017 of the 2 stage, Sammi Export makes concrete this commitment.

The achievement and the maintaining of the certification ISO 14001, do not represent an arrival point, but it is a beginning of a new course and the tangible proof that the value of invested energies can provide the company with ever better performance and continuous improvement over time.

To maintain this goal is essential the collaboration of all our suppliers.

It is for this reason that we have invited them to continue to handle with lot of care any kind of all the waste material, potentially harmful for the environment and for the health and to control and treat them before they are released into the environment as well as having active systems to prevent and deal with rapidity of all cases of accidental leakage of materials and waste materials of any kind in the environment.

Our certificate N° 20104163001170 is published on our website to the certification section, environment.

In the same section, you can find, already posted, our company’s environment policy.