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Born in 1968, Sammi Export is a company leader in the study and in the implementation of metallic findings and accessories for technical footwear, in partnership with the greatest specialized brands.

Thanks to the contribution of prestigious partners as Giugiaro Design and Bertone Design, the company sets the objective of realize products with an outstanding and functional design at the same time, linking the knowledge with the know-how since always.

Sammi Export is in the heart of Val di Chiana, an area highly characterized by those images of beauty that made famous the Made in Italy all over the world

A starring role, that of Sammi Export, that projected the company to the highest international recognition, also thanks to advanced communication strategies that allowed to stand out from the several attempts of imitation, confirming it as an example of originality, innovation and quality.


With 50 years of different experiences, Sammi Export can boast an incredibly wide-ranging production, that goes from articles for commercial distribution to exclusive production for famous brands. A versatility and a competence awarded with prestigious eulogy from the best known and accredited associations of the sector.

ADI, Industrial Design Association, awarded Sammi Export with the XX Compasso d’Oro prize for the implementation for the set of Proxima hooks made for the sport shoes industry. This project, made with Studiodsgn, focuses on functionality and ergonomics, by facilitating the fastening and protecting the laces from the wear.

Grandesign has selected Sammi Export for its namesake International Prize that every year is given to those products that are characterized by excellence performance, innovation and success on market. Sammi Export has received this recognition for the collection designed by Giugiaro Design, a partnership born in 1997 addressed to the development of technical and innovative products characterized by a strong research effort also in stylistic terms.

In 2009 it receives the International Design Excellence ad Top XII (Arc Design) Award at the Modern Art museum in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Elements like the care in the technological approach, into materials and the awareness in the environmental impact, brought Sammi Export to deserve the consideration of important and affirmed designers, making it a reference point in the world of shoes accessories.


Sammy Export is a company that brought together the technique with the industrial design sense of beauty, to create functional products. The result is a unique competence in the production of metallic findings for technical footwear, in partnership with the greatest international brands: a typical example of pursuit of excellence that is known as “Made in Italy” all around the world.

Sammi Export srl
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Sammi Export srl
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