Sammi Export has as its strategic objective the uncompromising research of quality that, with a careful selection of the materials and with an acknowledged expertise, makes it possible to tailor its products to different uses, keeping continued attention to the technological approach.

After receiving the ISO 9001 certification in 2004, the company has passed the quality standards required by the industry and the market, becoming a reference point in its sector.

The orientation to the quality of the company is confirmed by its continued commitment to build a secure and safe environment, inspired by the cooperation and the career development: the sharing of objectives, the human resources development and the responsibility in the achievement of the objectives are the key elements of the business strategy.

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From this viewpoint of research excellence Sammi Export has established its own lab for tests, equipped for the most various analysis and testing of samples and on total production batches: a guarantee for its own products, its image and its clients.


Sammi Export operates in a land very rich in history, culture and beauty: that leads the company to have a deep respect for the environment, monitoring constantly the direct environmental effects and those produced by its suppliers. Sammi Export is the first company in its sector that demonstrates its commitment with the environmental certification ISO 14001.

In this way the company makes a determined contribution to the creation of an eco-friendly entrepreneurial vision, spreading through its employees and suppliers a strong sense of responsibility more environmentally friendly, always looking for solutions that reduce the industrial impact on the territory.

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